Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lessons from Ed

Last week, a quiet man came to my resume workshop.  I'll call him Ed.

It was a small workshop with only a handful of participants.  Most of the people were very outgoing and interacted without my having to call on them.  Ed paid keen attention to the group and always responded positively - if called upon.  But, he never volunteered an answer.

At the end of every workshop, participants fill out "survey forms" which are really an assessment of what works and what could be improved.  One of the questions is what did you like most about the workshop.  Ed's response was, "She loves what she is doing".  I was blown away.  He was so right - I do love what I'm doing.

What I learned from Ed is that quiet and observant go hand in hand.  When we stop talking and just observe, we can see beyond the words to what lies beneath the surface.

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